Little and large

Today, the first Sunday of the year we have designated a day of rest, to be perfectly honest that is mainly because it is raining heavily! It does though give me time to get lists updated and tell you about yesterday’s trip out.

It has been windy and wet at night so we haven’t put the moth trap out this year yet and I am not too optimistic about catching anything for a while. Thankfully birds are a bit more obliging and yesterday we stayed inland and managed to avoid most of the rain. Lynford was our destination, both the arboretum and Lynford Water which is made from old gravel pits now flooded and home to a good number of birds.

Only  January the second but already snowdrops where out, imageat home we have bulbs which look ready to burst. I have a nasty feeling that if winter ever arrives these early plants may be in for a shock.

Anyway we set out earlyish and were rewarded very quickly by a lovely Barnowl perched on a fence post. It was a beauty but very quickly flew into a tree and we couldn’t get sight of it again, good to know a place to keep an eye on though and I hope to go along again when the light is good and try to get a photo of it, wish me luck. About two miles further on I saw what I thought at first was a buzzard (would have been the first of the year) but it wasn’t, it was a Red Kite and accompanied by a second one! They put on quite a display and again will be a target for a picture.

Moments after leaving the Kites a stoat ran across the road just in front of us so that is our third mammal.

it was very quiet at Lynford, well as far as people were concerned but I was struck by the amount of birdsong and activity. Good to get some more woodland birds including Nuthatch and Tree creepers image  We added 13 to our list ranging in size from the tiny Goldcrest to the might Kites deffinately  a day for little and large! We added Goldeneye on the lake but strangely have yet to see our first Coot of the year I wonder how long do you think till we get one?

I have several things I hope this year will bring, certainly wings in assorted varieties but it is about enjoying them and enjoying time to relax. Just a couple of days into the years and things are getting off to a good start am very optimistic indeed!

Number so far: 69 birds, 3 mammals

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