Happy 2016!

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard a maiden singing in the valley below…hang on no it wasn’t a maiden it was my alarm! Christmas (lovely though it was) had been and gone as had New Year’s Eve (spent very enjoyably with friends) it was time to get ready for my ‘gap year’ to begin. image

First stop was at Kings Lynn Docks to try to see an Iceland gull which had been seen for a couple of days, no luck though but it did produce a pair of Peregrine falcons which seemed like good compensation. after trying and failing for another couple of less likely birds we headed for Titchwell. Wow, good weather and it being January 1st meant it was very busy today, that didn’t spoil the day a jot.

It was lovely to meet friends, fun to meet strangers too and I must tell you about one. I am not sure if I have confessed yet that although I love birds and most other living creatures, my level of expertise is pretty low! So imagine my delight when a chap asked me to confirm his ID of a Shovellor (not too tricky!) then went on to ask about several other birds. What was brilliant was that he picked on birds I knew so that defiantly made him my ‘stranger of the day’!

We saw a good selection of birds at Titchwell including Rock and Water pipits, spotted redshank and Greenshank, none of them rare but all good birds to get on day one.

Back to Christmas for a moment just to tell you about a gift we received, food flasks, they are brilliant. These enabled us to take hot, homemade soup with us and believe me that went down a treat and enabled us to keep on pursuing wings!image

when we left Titchwell we went just down the road to Thornham which was busier than I have ever seen, maybe they are all planning a special year! The birds were not put off by the number of people present and we were delighted to see a flock of Twite, dispite the mud and pot holes Thornham is a special little place.

Our day was coming to an end and I had enjoying every moment of it. We arrived home, cold and tired but nothing that couldn’t be cured by  a hot drink whilst writing up the days list.

I am optimistic about my special year and wish you a very happy New Year whatever you plan to do with it.


So day one produced, 55 birds, 2 mammals (rabbits and hares) no insects identified so the current total is 57.



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