Under the duvet with spreadsheets!

I was late getting up today, not that I slept late but I was deep in thought and didn’t notice the time passing. Of course it was my impending ‘gap year’ that was on my mind, to be specific it was spreadsheets that were whirling around in my imagination ( I never thought I would say that!) how many would I need? Definatly one for birds, I do have one already but I think I will need a separate 2016 version. Ditto for moths and maybe I will add butterflies onto that one.

what next though? Should I have separate ones for mammals, reptiles, insects (other than moths/butterflies etc) or shall I just have one for any other living things I can ID? Well of course in the major scheme of life it doesn’t matter a jot but it did buy me extra time in bed!

The Christmas tree is up and with the aid of my gorgeous grandchildren, decorated.image I would love to say that I have finished the present shopping but that would be untrue. But I still have a couple of weeks so I am certain all will be well. This year we are having a really quiet Christmas which is unusual but fine. That will just leave a few more days until our big year begins and our plan for January the first is a trip to Titchwell, a super RSPB reserve in Norfolk. If that doesn’t get the year off to a good start I don’t know what will so unless something flies in to change our minds that will be where we head to.

there is still time to take a guess as to how many types of living, wild creatures we will see (and ID)  the guesses so far range from 500 to an even 1000. Make your guess, you may be the winner, I certainly don’t know what the result will be!

I wonder too about the characters we may meet up with, maybe I should have some awards for them too. Funniest, oldest, most eccentric, tallest, shortest, crossest the list could go on and on. I am hopeful they will provide me with some amusing tales to tell as the year go on.

enough dwelling on spread sheets I think I had better get on and see if I remember how to set one up, can’t wait till I can start filling them in.

thanks for reading, these few pre 2016 post have been mainly for me to practise posting before our adventure begins, I really hope you will come along with us via  Pursuingwings!



4 thoughts on “Under the duvet with spreadsheets!

  1. The tree looks gorgeous and includes my favourites from our childhood. The time will rush by now and before you know it New Year’s Day will be here and you will no doubt be dashing around in pursuit of local birds. I hope it’s a bright day in all respects. Enjoy a cosy Christmas first, with the fire crackling to bring in the New Year. Cheers. X

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  2. There are still some birds left in Bucks, in particular Red Kites which you can watch over head just by lying on the sofa in our conservatory! So what about a spot of lazy bird watching chez Liversidge ye Simpsons?


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