Pursuing wings and other things…getting ready

2016 promises to be a year like no other for me. Having given up the job which I have loved for the past 20 years I have decided to have a rather belated gap year. Now I know that traditionally these are taken pre college or just after finishing a degree so I am about 40 years later than most!

Whilst based at my home in Norflok I am going to travel around the UK in pursuit of wings (birds, butterflies, moths and more) and other things (mammals, reptiles etc). I want to see how many different living creatures I can see, identify and hopefully some at least, photograph.

The world is full of fascinating people and whilst on my travels I am hoping to meet some of them, to listen to tales from their lives and journeys.

so for the remainder of this year I am preparing for my ‘gap year’ I have already booked a couple of adventures, one to the West Country and another to Scotland. Another part of my plan is to just take off when I want to if something flies in so I will have a bag packed ready to go at a moments notice. So in a strange way I am planning to be spontaneous if that is possible!

My travelling companion will be my husband and I hope that you will come along with us via this blog it would be wonderful to have your company.

(This is a first for me so any comments will be welcome, I hope to learn by them.)


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